Investments Claim

If you were ever sold an investment that under-performed, you could be owed thousands of pounds in compensation.

Many were advised to take out an investment instead of a risk free savings account. Without knowing the risks, many consumers not only would have gained more in a savings account, but not actually lost their capital on the investment.

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No policy number?

No problem, we can trace that for you.
Even if you have cashed in your policy and had no paperwork relating to the investment.

What could I be due?

If it transpires that you were mis-sold an investment product, you could be eligible for:

How do I know if my investment under-performed?

When you initially took out the investment, your advisor would have given you an indication of how much you were likely to get back. If your actual figure was below this or like many consumers you got back less than you paid in, we could well be able to get you some compensation

My investment was years ago!

Do not worry if this is you, we are able to track back through financial records and find out all the details we need to get you the compensation you deserve. Having your policy numbers will help, but we are also able to track these for you if this information is not in your possession as you may have cashed in the policy some time ago.

I can’t find any paperwork!

All we need to know is who you have invested with, more information can help, but as long as you know the provider, we can do the rest for you.

Main reasons for mis-sale

Financial institutions have been found to be guilty of selling high risk investments to consumers that do not have the knowledge or experience to take a risk with their money. Many have wanted a simple yet safe investment that gives them a small, but guaranteed return.
Many advisors in financial institutions are not always concerned with the consumer’s circumstances when giving financial advice. For instance many people when they come into a sum of money, they speak to a bank about it. The bank should be stating that paying off debt and building sufficient emergency funds should always be priories. This is not always the case.
Many consumers are never told that their investment may lose money as well as gain. This is obviously a big factor to take into consideration as most people would not invest if they realised they had any chance of losing money.

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Investments Claim Facts

It does not matter if your investment is surrendered or has matured.

Regardless of whether your investment is still in force, if you have suffered financially because of the investment, you can make a complaint.

Is your investment provider no longer in business? No problem

As long as your policy was taken out after August 1988 then it is covered under the FSCS (Financial Services Compensation Scheme). This is a government body set up to deal with financial claims for providers regulated by the FCA that have ceased trading and have been declared in default.

You can have your money in as little as 8 weeks

Once your investment provider has received the complaint, they must conform to the 8 week timescales set out by the Financial Conduct Authority to bring your case to conclusion. If you do not have the account number or they reject the complaint the process can take considerably longer.

You can only complain once

Many people decide to try and complain about their investment on their own to then find it is much more difficult than they expected and their complaint is rejected. Once a complaint has been made, it is rare that a company will allow that complaint to made again by an expert. It may be possible for an expert to refer the case to the Financial Ombudsman Service within six months but this could add years to the process.

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