If you were ever sold an FSAVC, you could be due thousands of pounds in compensation.

Not sure if you were ever sold an FSAVC (Free Standing Additional Voluntary Contribution)? We can find out for you, even if you have no documentation of the pension.

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Even if your policy has been transferred or you are receiving an annuity payment and you have no paperwork relating to the pension.

What could I be due?

If it transpires you were mis-sold an FSAVC policy you could be eligible for:

What is an FSAVC?

An FSAVC is a separate, additional pension plan away from your employer's pension. They were set up for people that wanted to put extra money away for their retirement.

Unfortunately, the way these FSAVCs were arranged, meant that the plan holder lost a lot of investment value in their pensions due to the high charges involved.

I can’t find any paperwork!

All we need to know is who took the policy out with, more information can help, but as long as you know the provider, we can do the rest for you.

Not sure if you had an FSAVC?

Not everyone is sure if they were sold an FSAVC policy, they are complex and can be very confusing. We are able to find out for you if you had a Free Standing Additional Voluntary Contributions policy and then complain about it.

Main reasons for mis-sale

There were a number of different options to consider when it came to making additional contributions in relation to your pension. Many advisors did not discuss all the options with the consumer, often not giving them enough information about other options that may have been more beneficial.
Many consumers who were sold an FSAVC were planning on remaining with their employer until retirement and did not require a portable pension product.

All employers that offered a final salary pension scheme offered an in house alternative that would have been more suitable for many consumers.
Many advisors did not take into account the level of experience consumers had.

An FSAVC may potentially have high returns but often comes with increased risk that didn't match the attitude of the customer.

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FSAVC Claim Facts

You can have your money in as little as 8 weeks

Once your policy provider has received the complaint, they must conform to the 8 week timescales set out by the Financial Conduct Authority to bring your case to conclusion or keep you updated regularly if taking longer. Due to the complexity of FSAVC complaints, we often see these taking longer than 8 weeks.

Anybody who has ever worked in the public sector could have this type of pension policy.

  • Doctor
  • Surgeon
  • Nurse
  • Teacher
  • Armed Forces
  • Civil Servant
  • BT Engineer
  • Police Officer
  • Fire Service
  • Royal Mail
  • British Gas
  • Electricity Board
  • Water Boards
  • British Transport
  • British Aerospace
  • Any other public sector occupation

You can only complain once

Many people decide to try and complain about their policy on their own to then find it is much more difficult than they expected and their complaint is rejected. Once a complaint has been made, you cannot ask an expert to make a new complaint on your behalf.

Is your FSAVC provider no longer in business? No problem

As long as your policy was taken out after August 1988 then it is covered under the FSCS (Financial Services Compensation Scheme). This is a government body set up to deal with financial claims for providers regulated by the FCA that have ceased trading and have been declared in default.

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