PPI Claim

If you have ever had a loan, credit card, overdraft, mortgage or car finance you could be owed thousands of pounds in compensation.

If you are not sure if you were ever sold a PPI policy, we can find out for you, even if you have no documentation of the credit or your account number.

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No account number?

No problem, we can trace that for you.
Even if your loan has been paid off and you have no paperwork relating to the finance.

What could I be due?

If it transpires you were mis-sold a PPI policy you could be eligible for:

Not sure if you've had PPI?

Not everyone is sure if they were even sold PPI. Don’t worry, you are not alone.
We take calls from people everyday in the same situation. Here at It IS Your Money we are able to find out if PPI was put onto your credit for you and then make the complaint about it.

I’m not sure who I’ve borrowed off!

With a simple credit check it is possible to find out all the different lenders that you have borrowed from in the past.
We recommend using a service like noddle.co.uk.
Don’t be fooled by rival companies charging you to get what’s often free!

I can’t find any paperwork!

All we need to know is who you have borrowed from, more information can help, but as long as you know the provider, we can do the rest for you!

Main reasons for mis-sale

If you were self employed then in most cases your policy would not have paid out in the event of you not being able to work. The only way of receiving compensation is if the whole company is closed. So if you’re a window cleaner that breaks his leg, ruling out work for 6 weeks, then your only option is to liquidate your company to receive the PPI payout.
If you are unable to work, you may well receive sick pay. If this is the case then why would you need to claim on your PPI? If you get paid when ill, the policy is redundant and mis-sold.
The lenders had a bit of habit of never telling you how much cheaper you get the same policy if you shopped around and looked for a good deal, PPI premiums are and were way too expensive in comparison to other insurances.

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A No Win No Fee Service*

A service where we aim to have the claim settled within 8 weeks

PPI Claim Facts

Time is running out

PPI complaints are not going to be open forever. No time scales have been officially set yet, but the regulators will soon decide that everyone has had ample opportunity to make their complaint. Don't wait until it is too late.

You can have your money in as little as 8 weeks

Once your credit provider has received the complaint, they must conform to the 8 week timescales set out by the Financial Conduct Authority to bring your case to conclusion.

You can only complain once

Many people decide to try and complain about their policy on their own to then find it is much more difficult than they expected and their complaint is rejected. Once a complaint has been made, you cannot ask an expert to make a new complaint on your behalf.

PPI comes with many different names

Your paperwork may not explicitly state 'PPI' or 'Payment Protection Insurance', it comes under many different terms.

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