Overturning our clients Canada Life FSAVC complaint!

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Although Mrs R’s friend had used our services and had recommended us to her, she decided to try a claim against her Canada Life Free Standing Additional Voluntary Contribution on her own. She soon had her complaint rejected however, as the firm had allegedly been unable to find any trace of the policy. This is when she elected to contact us for assistance and we happily obliged. We made a bespoke complaint to Canada Life on her behalf, only to be told that she had complained previously and that they had rejected her concerns due to no evidence being available. Despite this, we looked to continue as we were not in agreement with the response. For the vast majority of FSAVC cases, the sales files should be kept indefinitely. We quickly launched an appeal and suggested that they may wish to carry out further searches, to include all previous databases and archive files. We alluded to the conduct of business rules in respect of record keeping and questioned whether there may be a breach of those rules. Almost immediately, and quite miraculously, they then found the policy details.


To aid Canada Life in their investigations, we completed a short questionnaire with Mrs R. and, sometime afterwards, after carrying out a detailed review, the case was upheld in Mrs R’s favour. In order to establish the extent to which Mrs R had been disadvantaged, Canada Life required documentation from the Teacher’s Pension Scheme and, after receipt of this and a lengthy and complex calculations process, eventually offered her £2215.71. Before advising Mrs R to accept this offer, we checked the associated calculations, in order to ensure that she was receiving a fair and accurate amount.


Although this may not be one of our biggest wins in terms of compensation value, Mrs R would have received nothing at all without It IS Your Money Ltd’s hard work, dedication and expertise.

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