Over £8000 in compensation for our client!

After responding to a social media advert in November 2021, Mr and Mrs J came to us to find out whether their Endowment policy had been mis-sold to them. As they were not able to put their hands on their policy details, we obtained these on their behalf by performing a thorough information request to Standard Life.


When we received the response from Standard Life, we were able to establish that the responsibility for the sale of the policy lay with Mortgage Shop (part of Black Horse Agencies). It can be complicated to establish which business we ultimately correspond with as many have merged and appear under the umbrellas of others, however our records, that have been built up over many years, showed that, on this occasion, due to the sale date of the policy, we needed to write to Lloyds Banking Group.


It was also established, within the information received, that this case could not be “Time Barred”. This is because Standard Life had been unable to send Mr and Mrs J the appropriate high risk warning letters, due to not holding the correct address details for them. We consequently submitted our bespoke letter of complaint, including all of the relevant information, confident in the knowledge that a Time Bar ruling could not be considered applicable on this occasion.


Upon receiving our complaint, Lloyds Banking Group confirmed that an investigation into the merits of the complaint would take place. As a result of that investigation, the complaint was upheld and a redress calculation was carried out. As is part of our service, we checked this for accuracy before ultimately advising Mr & Mrs J that it was okay to accept it.


Our vastly experienced claims managers very clearly used their knowledge of the Time Bar rules and regulations in order to obtain our clients an offer of £8203.17 in compensation. If our clients had attempted this claim independently, or gone elsewhere, there is a high probability that they would not have known who to direct the complaint to and, had a Time Bar been mentioned, it is entirely possible that they may have given up. We are, therefore, delighted that we could secure them the right result.

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