CMC top of the class after ‘A grade result’ for FSAVC complaint!

After she enlisted our services, a request for FSAVC policy data was sent to Aviva on behalf of Mrs J and, once these details came through, they allowed us to issue a bespoke Letter of Complaint. During the course of the investigation that followed, we provided additional information by completing a detailed questionnaire with our client.


It took Aviva some time to finalise their review, but we were then delighted when Mrs J’s case was ultimately upheld. Based on the information already available to them, our in-house experts knew at this point that the offer of redress would be significant and relayed this to Mrs J.


However, when the offer of redress was received, it was for just £5274. Due to a number of factors, it was clear to our claims managers that the calculation had been performed incorrectly. Therefore, we immediately advised Mrs J not to accept and we requested a more detailed copy of Aviva’s calculations, or, failing that, a review into them.


Upon receipt of our dispute, Aviva performed a recalculation and a new offer was issued. This time for £21,050.30. This new offer was thoroughly checked by It IS Your Money and found to be correct, boasting an increase £15,776. Significant indeed!

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