Are you owed compensation on your FSAVC?


If like many, you worked in the public sector and wanted to make additional payments to increase your pension, you were likely to have been sold an FSAVC policy.

An FSAVC policy can be a very expensive option due to the set up charges and then an annual management fee that can be in excess of 3%.

We have today won Mrs K from Cardiff the sum of £16,530.64 from Legal & General.

In 1990 she was paying into the Teachers final salary pension scheme and decided she wanted to put extra money towards her retirement planning. Legal & General persuaded her to take out an FSAVC policy, instead of adding the extra payments to her already existing pension.

The offer for her mis-sold FSAVC was to compare how much she would have had if she had been correctly advised to purchase additional years service in the teacher pension scheme.

If you have an FSAVC policy that you would like us to look into securing you compensation for, please fill out the form below or call on 01803 500609.

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