£51,042.87 Barclays PPI offer for Mr F

Mr F

We have today received what we believe to be the last offer for Mr F of County Durham. He came to us without an account number, knowing that he had a loan with Barclays at some point.

With the small amount of information he was able to give us, we successfully found that Mr F had 9 Barclays loans with PPI, a credit card with PPI, an overdraft with PPI and packaged bank account with Barclays.

We have today finished our investigations and won him a total of £51,042.87. Please see the below table to see how this breaks down.

Product Offer Amount
PPI on Loan £42,157.95
PPI on Credit Card £4,009.17
PPI on Overdraft £2,194.48
Packaged Bank Account £2,681.27
Total £51,042.87


If you believe you were sold a PPI policy or a packaged bank account, even if you have no paperwork relating to this, feel free to get in touch with us to see what you could be due.