Our highest ever Packaged Bank Account compensation amount of £5984.12

It IS Your Money - Packaged Bank Account Claim

We have today made our client Miss J from Glamorgan very happy with our highest ever packaged bank accounts compensation amount!

After it was established that she was mis-sold a Lloyds bank account in 1989 we have secured a compensation amount of  £5984.12.

Although the account was opened in 89, the only information Lloyds had was that they knew it was upgraded to a gold account sometime before 2001. As Lloyds don’t know when the upgrade was, they have used the halfway mark when gold accounts started in 1990 to when they can see it was gold, so November 1995 became the start date.

This account was judged to have been mis-sold on the grounds that Miss J had alternative cover elsewhere for the products the account offered and they were not aware a free account was possible.