£182,658.52 in PPI compensation for Mrs W

Mrs W from the South West came to us not expecting to receive any PPI compensation on her borrowings, but thought she might as well try due to the No Win No Fee setup here at It IS Your Money.

Once we had established the reasons for mis-sale and put together our letters of complaint, we started to receive final decision letters from her cases. In total we have secured her a compensation amount of £182,568.52, comprised of nine credit cards and one loan.

Lender Credit Type Compensation
MBNA Loan £1,176.80
Capital One Credit Card £15,049.23
Marbles Credit Card £21,819.53
MBNA Credit Card £38,115.75
MBNA Credit Card £35,022.34
MBNA Credit Card £19,423.53
RBS Credit Card £16,492.52
Barclaycard Credit Card £24,728.86
Halifax Credit Card £3,356.87
Bank of Scotland Credit Card £13,473.09
Total: £182,658.52


Many people forget about the charges they have paid on their credit cards over the years, thinking it’s solely interest charges they are paying. As the above figures reveal, it’s very possible you had PPI on your credit card and paid a lot in premiums.

The PPI deadline has been set for 29th August 2019, if a lender receives your complaint after this date, they will not investigate and no compensation can be offered.

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