100 days until the PPI deadline!

The PPI deadline date is nearly upon us. In 104 days time, PPI complaints will be forever time barred and nobody will be able to claim any compensation on their mis-sold policies.

In 2017 the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) ruled that after the 29th August 2019 no more PPI complaints can be made. This means if you don’t get your complaint in before then, you will never be able to claim any money you are owed, essentially letting the bank keep your money.

How can there still be PPI to claim back?

It feels like this PPI saga has been going on for decades now, so how can there still be PPI to claim back? The bottom line is that there are still billions of pounds yet to claim back from the banks and other lenders. Many people who have a mis-sold PPI policy and are yet to claim do not believe they have anything to claim back. You may be aware of the FCA advertisements using Arnold Shwarzenegger regarding PPI, this is their last attempt at trying to make the public aware that there is still money to be claimed.

If the lender does not receive your letter of complaint by 29th August 2019 regarding your PPI policies, it will be forever time barred and they will not pay any compensation.

Here at It IS Your Money, we are experts at claiming compensation from lenders for our clients. You only get to complain once to your lender, if you get it wrong and they deny your compensation, you cannot re-complain to the lender again.

We can make a complaint for you, even if you don’t know your account numbers or don’t have any paperwork.

Bear in mind that a complaint cannot be made without account numbers. As much as we can source them for you, they can take many months to obtain. We need these account numbers before we can make a complaint. If we don’t have long enough to get your account data, we may not be able to make a complaint for you, subsequently meaning no compensation.

Our highest PPI win for a single client was £48,361.60 from Barclays spread across a loan, mortgage and credit card.*

Our average PPI win is £2,368.55.*

We work on a completely No Win – No Fee service, meaning unless we win you some money, you don’t owe us anything, and of course we only take a percentage of what you win. So whatever happens, you’re either financially up, or you’re in the same situation as you are now. Nothing to lose!

Get in touch with us now to set up your claim by calling 01803 500608 or simply filling in the form below.

Don’t leave it too late to claim your PPI compensation! Once the date has passed it will forever be lost.

*Based on 4256 PPI cases from November 2011 to December 2018.