Extra £460 Million For PPI Claims Put Aside By Lloyds Bank

It IS Your Money

With the PPI Refund deadline of August 28th 2019 getting closer and closer, complaints to lenders have risen considerably. Lloyds Bank has said it is expecting 13,000 PPI complaints per week until the deadline.

To deal with this they have put aside an extra £460 million for costs of the complaints alone.

Lloyds have said in the past that they sold 16 million PPI policies since the year 2000. This does include policies that have been shown to not be mis-sold. In the years that PPI complaints have been happening, Lloyds has dealt with 53% of the total amount of policies they sold.

This means there are still around 7.5 million Lloyds Bank PPI policies that could have compensation payable on them, but has not been claimed.

With potentially several billion to still be paid out by Lloyds Bank alone within the next year, don’t delay getting in touch using the form below to see if we can help you claim your compensation.

Remember, once the PPI deadline has passed, you will never be able to reclaim this compensation again.