Payday Loan Claim

If you took out a Payday loan, you could be owed thousands of pounds in compensation.

If you are not sure if you ever had sold a Payday Loan, we can find out for you, even if you have no documentation of the credit or your account number.

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No account number?

No problem, we can trace that for you.
Even if your loan has been paid off and you have no paperwork relating to the finance.

What could I be due?

If you had a Payday Loan you could be eligible for:

I’m not sure who I’ve borrowed off!

With a simple credit check it is possible to find out all the different lenders that you have borrowed from in the past.
We recommend using a service like
Don’t be fooled by rival companies charging you to get what’s often free!

I can’t find any paperwork!

All we need to know is who you have borrowed from, more information can help, but as long as you know the provider, we can do the rest for you!

I had different Payday Loans, from different lenders

Don't worry, it is quite common for people to have asked lots of Payday Lenders for an advance in times of need. We can claim against all lenders that are still in business and all others covered by the FSCS.

Why could I be due a refund?

If you used the loan to repay other debt you had, this is likely a reason for compensation. It can be classed as irresponsible lending to allow someone to borrow just to pay off another lender.
The lender should fully explain all costs and fees at the beginning of the term. Many lenders had hidden fees and didn't fully explain how much would be paid back with the high levels of interest.
It is the lenders duty to establish if you can afford the monthly repayments of your loan. If you cannot, they should never have lent it in the first place.

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Payday Loan Claim Facts

Since January 2015 Payday Lenders are capped on fees and interest

In January 2015 the FCA brought in new rules that capped the amount payday lenders are able to charge.

What about before January 2015?

Before 2015, lenders were charging many thousands of percent APR, charging borrowers huge amounts for defaulting on a payment and subsequently charging many times more than the initial amount lent. Start your free check now to see if you can claim compensation on a payday loan.

You do not need to use a CMC to make a complaint to a lender or other compensation scheme, such as the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). If your complaint is not successful you can refer it to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) yourself fee free.

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